How to Enjoy Your Summer While Staying Close to Home

No one ever expected 2020 to be like this. No one ever expected to be wearing masks. No one ever expected to be staying home this much. This year has been the stuff you seen in disaster movies. 2020 is made up of the things that make disaster movies great. Although this sounds a little dreadful, we have all found ways to make it and still enjoy life. Finding ways to still enjoy life is what we must do to keep our sanity. The world that is in a crazy state right now, but your summer does not have to be.

There are many ways to still enjoy summer even in the year 2020. Some people are thinking that they are trapped at home, but I like to think of it as being safe and secure at home. When I think of home this summer, I think of a place where I can be comfortable and enjoy myself. I love my home and hopefully you love yours as well because there are multiple ways to enjoy your summer close to home.

For example, you could have a picnic outside in the backyard. Your backyard is going to be your best friend this summer. Now, I know some people think that their backyard is lackluster and that’s okay. You don’t need a lot to make your backyard your safe haven. You don’t need anything fancy. All you need is blanket! Find a pretty and colorful blanket (this will perk your spirits) and add some decorative pieces. You can add a vase and flower and create a centerpiece that is eye-catching.  Find a flat surface in your backyard, spread your blanket out and gathered your favorite snacks or a light lunch. Don’t forget your favorite drink!

If you want to take this picnic up a notch, you can bring a book and/or magazine outside to hold your attention. You may want to bring your iPad outside and watch a movie or an episode of your favorite series. Wait for it…you can set up a picnic date with a friend you haven’t seen in a while because of Covid-19. Y’all can FaceTime, Zoom or whatever while enjoying a picnic together via technology. If you really just can’t stand it, can’t stand being alone…invite a friend or two over and enjoy the picnic together (while safely social distancing and wearing masks).

What ways have you been enjoying summer so far while staying close to home?


Shanna C.

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