PRODUCT: MUFE’s (Make Up For Ever) Matte Velvet Skin Concealer! This product claims to provide 24 hour long wear. It says that it has full breathable coverage that allows you to conceal, correct, contour and even out. It claims that it won’t crease, nor will it transfer. It comes in 22 shades to offer a shade for everyone.

PACKAGING: The concealer comes in a cylinder tube that has black packaging on the top and bottom with white writing. In the center of the tube it appears to a semi-frosted glass. This allows you to see the product and the color of the product. I love that! Now that we are living in Covid-19, this makes it a little easier to see what color you may need without testing it. In most places you can test out the makeup beforehand, so this definitely helps a lot. Kudos to MUFE for making this decision, although I am sure it has nothing to do with Covid-19.

Now this cylinder tube comes in a black box that is trimmed in red at the bottom, with white writing. Everything looks trés chic, from the outside packaging to the actual product packaging. I am a little sad that I didn’t see the red on the bottle on concealor.

PERFORMANCE: So, I have worn this concealer for at least three days and I must say that it is now my go to. I have used it as a concealer and a highlighter (as a part of contouring process). The applicator is a doe-footed applicator. This gives so much control when applying the product. You won’t use too much and plus wherever you put it, that’s where it goes. It glides on with ease! I am able to use only what I need and that is amazing.

When I wore this concealer, I wore it for more than eight hours at the time. In this heat my under eye did not crease and the finish was flawless all day. I used this product without a setting powder, just to see how it would do alone. Honestly, you do not need to set this concealer unless you want to. The formula was lightweight but it still offered full coverage. If you are in the market for a concealer, I would recommend giving Make Up For Ever’s Matte Velvet Skin Concealer a try.

PRICE: This product costs around $30.00 dollars give or take with taxes. I am not sure what your price point is for concealer, but I would this is a little expensive. It cost almost the same as some middle of the road liquid foundations, but it is definitely worth the cost. If you have it to spend and you are a makeup junkie…buy it! If you are just starting out and just getting into makeup I would suggest trying another product that isn’t as costly.

What’s your go to concealer?


Shanna C.

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