Denim Jumper and a Funny Story

Funny story! This past Saturday I got cute for the first time in a long time to leave the house. By the way I only went to Lowe’s. I put on my cute denim jumper and my wedges to buy a water filter for my refrigerator! Only to have to turn around and go back to Lowe’s because I purchased the wrong filter. Apparently, model numbers don’t determined water filter for refrigerators.

In between my two trips to Lowe’s something funny happened. Y’all when I got home apparently my shoe was on its last leg! Y’all I stepped right out of my wedge heel. I almost had a heart attack!!! I thought I was going to hit the ground face first! Luckily I was home and just had to make it up the stairs!

After realizing I was okay, I said goodbye to my wedges and thanked them for their many years of service. They will be missed dearly.

Anyway let’s get into this jumper! This denim jumper is going to be my go to for summer! It’s cute, stylish and light! My favorite thing about this outfit is the convenience. I don’t have to look for a shirt or skirt to match! It’s an all in one outfit! You can dress it up or dress it down! You can be super casual or fancy!

Okay so my second favorite thing about this jumper is the shoulder action. ! Off the shoulder adds a hint of femininity without showing everything! When wearing off shoulder add a little bronzer to your shoulders. It will make you glow and shimmer in delight! Others will definitely notice!

Denim is the perfect fabric for a summer look! It can be paired with heels, sandals, flats and/or sneakers! In the beginning before my trip/fall and almost heart attack lol, I paired it with two toned wedges! They were wood grained and tanned! When they broke I switched to a pair of closed toe camel colored heels. This jumper can literally be worn with any type of shoe!

Anyway you style it denim is perfect summer, especially if it is off the shoulder!


Shanna C.

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