How I’m using Pinterest to Drive Traffic to My Blog

Let me start off with a disclaimer! I have been blogging consistently for two years now. Before these last two years, I was blogging on and off. I could never get it right! So, all in all I’ve been blogging on and off for about six years. AND I still have no clue what I’m doing! Lol!

Recently I stumbled across Pinterest! Normally I use Pinterest just for my own personal growth, but now I’m using it for my blog. Here’s why!!! People go to Pinterest for answers and blogs have answers. This is the magical combination! Pinterest plus your blog! BAM!!!

If you have a blog or you’re thinking about starting one, turn your Pinterest into a business account for your blog. You still can pin and save to boards for yourself… just make them hidden. In addition to pinning things for yourself, you can pin things for your blog!

That’s right!!! Create your own pins and link them back to your blog! That when people click on your pin looking for answers, it will take them to your blog! That’s where the magic happens!

Now all you gotta do is make some pretty graphic using a picture and the app Canva. Canva is a big help! It’s user friendly and convenient! You can design a Pinterest pin in literally five minutes! Check out the example below!

In summary your blog needs a Pinterest business page! Pinterest can increase your blog traffic in less than a couple of weeks! Usually I post 1-2 per day on Pinterest. It’s much easier than Instagram, even though you should be posting to Instagram 1-2 times a day as well! Here’s the kicker in less than two months, my Pinterest views have gone from 58 monthly views to 7.2k views!

I started focusing on Pinterest towards the end of May. In May I had four visitors from Pinterest! In June I had 48 visitors from Pinterest! So far in July I have had 31 visitors from Pinterest! I can’t wait to see the total from July because I know it’s going to go up from 31!

So the moral of this story is turn your Pinterest into a business account for your blog!

Do it and keep me posted with your results!


Shanna C.

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