What Am I Reading: Relationship Goals by Michael Todd

The last book I read was Relationship Goals by Michael Todd. I followed the hype! I saw everyone on Instagram posting about it, so I decided to give it a try! I’m going to be honest I did not finish the book! I read everything except for the last chapter! I just couldn’t finish it!

For some reason I just wasn’t that into the book! I usually don’t read self-help books, like Relationship Goals. I’m more of a fiction reader when I do read! I must admit I don’t read as much as I should! When I do read it’s normally fiction! I love to get lost in a good story!

Anyhoo let’s get back to Relationship Goals! This book is an easy read! An avid reader could read this in one sitting! Like my mom she could read this book in an hour and a half… me four hours. Give or take some minutes!

If you have common sense this book just reiterates what you already know. Reading what I already doesn’t really help me! I’m sure you all know this! It doesn’t help unless you are willing to make a change!

All in all this book was decent! It told a lot of truths that we already know! The advice was informative and again things were already know! My biggest take away was to be honest with myself! Then and only then can I achieve Relationship Goals!

What books are you reading? Have you read this one? What are your thoughts comment below!


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