How to Have a More Productive Work Week Especially During Quarantine

Well I’m sure by now all of my readers know that I’m back at the office. I’m a marketing coordinator for a mall so my job isn’t as structure as most jobs. There are a few things that I do daily to keep myself in line. These things can help especially if you’re working from.

I keep myself organized and on track by creating lists. I have on average two-three lists that I work on daily. I have a daily list, a weekly list and a monthly list. Lists helps me to organize my life more so than a planner does, but I do use both lists and a planner.

Those three lists have everything that I need to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. These help me not to forget to do anything that’s reoccurring.

For everyday use I haven’t just a regular to do list. This list changes day to day. It’s never the same. Usually it consists of calls I have to make, emails I have to send and/or something I have to get done that day!

Lists makes everything happen. I get so excited when I get to mark through or check off a task. It’s almost like a reward program because I get this feeling of accomplishment when I complete a task!

Lastly another way I stay productive is my top three! I lost my top three task for the day and I make sure I get those done. Even though I create a lot of lists there’s no way I will complete every task. So get that out of your head! You will never complete your entire list in a day! So don’t be defeated! Just keep working because these are usually on-going!

How do you stay productive while working from home or the office?


Shanna C.

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