Cold Pressed Juices, Fresh Squeezed Juices and Ginger Shots and More!

Little fact about me, I’m a cold pressed juice junkie. I’m the type of person that rather drink their vegetables instead of eat them. Hold on let me restate that I’m a pressed juice junkie. I just love juice that’s made without all of the preservatives!

I even have my own juicer, but it’s a centrifugal juicer. That means it uses heat to help break down the produce. Which means the juice won’t last as long as cold pressed juice. So my next investment is a cold pressed juicer.

One thing I love about these juices is that I get all of the benefits without all the added sugar or preservatives! I love trying new juices and new juice recipes. Some benefits include but are not limited to weight management, increased energy, regulated blood sugar, and decreased inflammation, etc. I’m not a doctor, so make sure you research the benefits for your own knowledge.

Lately I have been purchasing cold pressed juices by Suja. I love their Lemon Love, Master Cleanse, and their Green Delight. They are so good and cleansing! Drinking one automatically brightens your mood because you feel like you’ve done something good for your body! Just that quick you feel like you’re are on top of the world.

My favorite juices included anything with greens in it or anything with beets. To be honest I love them all, the more produce the better!

I also love Sonatural’s shots! My three favorites are the Activated Charcoal, the Turmeric and Cayenne, and the Apple and Ginger shots. They are so good! I love the burn of the ginger and cayenne, I feel like my metabolism and energy doubles after having one!

Natural juices, shots, fresh squeezed juices and cold pressed juices are a great way to get in nutrients in a quick and convenient manner! It’s a great way to get your daily serving of fruit and/or veggies! I love them and with spend upwards ten bucks on them, but you can find them at reasonable costs.

How many people are drinking fresh squeezed juices, cold pressed juices, shots or centrifugal juices? Do you like them?


Shanna C.

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