Five Things I Would Like To Experience (Do) After the Pandemic

Going through a pandemic has taught me a lot! I know this is cliché but it has taught me that life is short. We never know how long we have until we can’t do something any more.

Just last year I was living my life and not thinking that there might be one day where I might not be able to do something anymore. I mean I have no issue staying home. My home is my safe haven, but there is so many things that I haven’t done that I want to do.

Usually when people talk about life being short, they are referring to someone passing! Well in this case we haven’t passed, we are just restricted from living a normal life. Which is “A” okay! We just have to live a different normal now! We have to adjust! After the pandemic there are a couple things I would like to do!

1. Go on a mini vacay all by myself

2. Go on a family vacation

3. Go hiking-possibly become an avid hiker

4. Purchase a my own paddleboard (I love paddling boarding. It’s so relaxing and it’s a full body workout.)

5. Go on a date

These all are things I want to do after this global pandemic is over! What great things are you all wanting to do after this pandemic is over! Maybe you’re one those people that are continuing to live life to the fullest! If you are what things are you getting into right now?


Shanna C.

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