How I Unwind After a Long Day

Before I go to bed I have to wind down. I can’t just come home take a shower and get in the bed, even if I’m getting home at midnight I have to wind down first!

First I take a shower to rinse the day a way. Then I put on my favorite oversized tee and plop on the couch. It doesn’t matter if it’s 6pm or 1:30am. I gotta sit down first before I can go to bed.

After I get cleaned I like to turn in the television and watch show or a movie. It all depends on how late I’m getting home. If it’s early evening, I will find a movie or a television series to start! If it’s late night, I will find a thirty minute sitcom.

Oh let’s not forget the snack! A light one! Sometimes I will grab a handful of nuts, popcorn, water and/or whatever I have that’s not too heavy! You can’t wind risen without a snack, right?

I will watch television until I get really sleepy or until I fall asleep. Most of the times I do fall asleep on the couch and wake up later to do to bed.

I know this is not the perfect way to wind down, but it’s my way!!! It helps to get me prepared for a good night’s rest. If I get in the bed right away I will be up all night! My brain will be running at 85mph. I will be a squirrel, literally!

Do you need to wind down before bed or can you just jump right in and sleep peacefully?


Shanna C.

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