Another One-Orange Jumper

Another one! That’s right another jumpsuit! Jumpsuits are my favorite. If you’ve been following me long you know this! This particular jumper is from New York and Company! Can you believe it’s been in my closet for over a year with the tags still on lol!

When it comes to my style, my first thought is comfort and then convenience! If it ain’t comfy I ain’t wearing it and if it’s not convenient I definitely ain’t wearing it!

I love this jumper because it’s a bright orange color and it’s all in one outfit. There’s not much thinking when it comes to jumpers that’s why I love them. It’s all in one outfit! Convenience, that’s what I love.

If you look at my style you will see it’s all about convenience. It’s very simple, with clean lines when I get ready I don’t want to have to put a lot of thought into it, I want to be able to put a stylish outfit together without a second thought!

What’s your style? Do you prefer looking good over comfort and convenience? Comment below!


Shanna C.

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