Denim Faux Wrap Dress

This summer isn’t a normal one, but anytime I have a chance to look nice I am taking that chance.  I have notice that I been making a lot denim purchases. So far this summer I have purchased a denim jumper and a denim dress. Pair that with my denim staples (jeans and jackets), I have a lot of denim pieces.

This cute number is a faux denim wrap dress. You all know I love a onesie…an outfit in which I don’t have to look for a top or bottom to pair to match. I love an all in one outfit. So most of the time you will see me in a jumper, romper, or dress.

So more about this dress…since it is a faux wrap dress I can wear it with ease. Normally I would never purchase a wrap dress because I am to top heavy and everything would be falling out. That’s not a good look. This faux wrap dress gives me some security when it comes to that situation.

I also love the denim material; it is like an airy and doesn’t feel too heavy for these South Carolina summers. Secondly, love the frilly aspect of this dress. There are frills everywhere, which add femininity to the outfit.  Finally the belt allows my to cinch the waist, which helps to accentuate my girlish figure lol.

I paired this dress with gold and blue tassel earrings, a small Brahmin handbag and brown heels!


Shanna C.

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