5 Ways to Feel Cute in Your Mask

It can be daunting wearing a mask day in and day out. You may not feel like yourself. You may not even feel up to leaving the house because you have to wear a mask. Well wearing a mask is no reason to be a shut it! You still have to go out and live life. You have to get groceries, maybe go to the mall, or get the oil changed in your car. Whatever the reason is, we still have to leave the house sometimes and wearing a mask shouldn’t hinder that fact. You gotta jazz it up girl.

There are plenty of ways to make wearing mask more exciting and fashionable. When you turn it into fashion you will be super excited to wear a mask. You will be super excited to shop for various kinds of masks or you may be tempted to make your own. To feel cute in your mask, make sure it is cute, highlight your eyes, fill in your eyebrows, pull your hair back and away from your face, and make sure your outfit is fire. Listed below are the details on how to feel cute in your mask. Check them out!

1. Wear a cute mask

A mask can make or break you! That’s why we cannot walk around here in these dull masks. We have to jazz it up. Try buying a mask in your favorite color. I have seen masks in various prints, colors, shapes and sizes. I have everything from bedazzled masks to leopard print masks to neon masks. It’s just your preference! Whatever you like, you can almost always find it somewhere in store or online. Pick a mask that resonates with you and your style. Make it your own style and flaunt it. I have two floral masks and one bright chevron mask. Next on my list to get is a bedazzled one, but they are upwards twenty bucks for one.

2. Highlight your eyes/make them pop

One thing I make sure to do if I am going out is to wear makeup. I don’t care that my mask is going to take off most of makeup. I still put on my lipstick as well. So, if you see me in the streets I have foundation, concealer, blush and everything under my mask. Lol! Even though some of it comes off, it’s still there for the most part and I still look cute. The “Main Point” is not to forget the eyes. This is what most people are going to be drawn to because the rest of your face is covered. We’re not talking anything too dramatic or over the top.

3. Fill in those brows

Filling in your brows will help to define and frame your face. Everything that is pretty needs a frame, like a pretty picture. Filling in your eyebrows will enhance your natural bone structure and make you stand out in a crowd. This is true whether you’re wearing a mask or not! Added brows always does wonders for you face, especially if your brow hairs are sparse like mine. Filling in those brows will give you a more youthful appearance and more put together look. Anything that will help me look put-together I am all here for it.

4. Pull your hair away from your face

It helps when you pull your hair away from your face to look attractive. Adding a hair accessory can aide in the process as well! Sometimes a headband will look good and help to pull your hair out of your face easily. These masks take up at least sixty percent of our face. So making sure the rest of your face isn’t covered is key, unless you don’t want any attention. In that case put on a hat and add a bang lol. Having your pulled back or pulled up leaves more of your face open for others to see.

5. Make sure your outfit is on point 

Another way to feel cute in your mask is to make sure you are cute everywhere else. I know most people aren’t dressing up because of the virus and everything else that has been happening, but you can still be cute in joggers or a cute workout set. Try finding a cute and comfy jumper. Add cute sandals or sneakers and you are all set to look cute in your mask. Or if you want to get all the way decked out you can. Put on a dress and heels whatever floats your boat!

What are you doing to feel cute in your mask? Any tips? Comment below! 


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