Bloggers and Boss Babes are Making Boss Moves

Are you a #BOSSBABE? Have you ever met a #bossbabe? Well ladies, I met like ten boss babes in one morning. On a beautiful budding Saturday morning, I headed to Charleston, South Carolina for the Charleston Natural Hair Expo. This year was my second time attending the Expo…I think its going to be my new thing.

First of all, when you enter the building, there is a buzz of excitement zooming through everyone’s spirit. Your senses are delighted by music, dance performances, the aroma of delicious food, and motivational life stories. My favorite part of the Expo was hearing everyone’s stories and how they started small or with just an idea.

The Charleston Natural Hair Expo is full of excitement and love. There is always something to be learned from others’ stories. Attending the Expo, gave me the strength to do what I have tried and tried again (this blog). The ladies in front me all had stories about being afraid and conquering that fear.

So, in this blog today…I want you all to conquer your fears. That thing you wanted to start today…START IT, don’t wait. Become a #BossBabe! Do you lady because you got it.


Some of the #BOSSBABES pictured throughout post

From one Boss Babe to another,


Shanna C.


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