Le Dîner En Blanc • Florence, SC 2022

A Little Back Story

Dîner En Blanc started in Paris, France in 1988. It is a chic all-white affair for all who attend. Throughout the years, Dîner En Blanc spread to other continents including, but not limited to The United States. Le Diner En Blanc is held in over 90 cities across the globe, with over 17,000 participants every year.

A Few Guidelines

First of all, when you’re deciding to attend this event, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of….

  • You must wear all white, no excuses.
  • The event is held in a secret location. No one knows the location until moments before when they arrive at the location.
  • You can accessorize with gold or silver accessories.
  • You have to bring a table, two chairs, white linens, table decor, centerpieces and dinner of course.
  • Most importantly have fun!

Florence, South Carolina hosted its second Dîner En Blanc this year on May 14, 2022. I was lucky enough to be an attendee. People showed up and showed out in all white.

This year’s Le Dîner En Blanc

Le Dîner En Blanc was held at the Soccer Complex in Florence, SC. Around 5pm, shuttles started to arrive with attendees. Imagine a sea of white with tables, chairs, coolers and wagons. Upon arrival, each guest was given a napkin that they were to twirl later on during the event. The napkin was embroidered with Le Dîner Blanc’s logo and the city (Florence, SC).

While others arrived, attendees set up their areas. They put up their tables, chairs and decor. The best part was seeing everyone’s table decor and centerpieces. The grand finale of everyone’s setup included the food. Some people bought appetizers, some bought hor d’oeuvres, and others bought 3-5 five-course meals. There was baked chicken, baked salmon, yellow rice, brown rice, mashed potatoes, bean dip, buffalo chicken dip, cheesecake, lemon meringue, shrimp cocktail and more. People showed out and it was beautiful. Shuttles continued to arrive throughout the day. The final group of attendees were set up and in place by 7pm.

The Agenda

  • Arrival 5pm-7pm
  • Official Napkin Twirl Right Before Dinner
  • Dinner around 7:30pm
  • Sparklers
  • Dance

Above is an approximate order and time of events and happenings at Le Dîner En Blanc. Throughout these events and happenings, official pre-recorded announcements were made in French. I thought that was cool because it is originally a French event.

The Entertainment

There was a variety of entertainment. There was a live band, of course, Kipp Taylor and Nu Look (the drummer is my neighbor). The Fire Dancers of Creative Flame were there. They walked in on stilts, juggled, danced with fire and more. DJ VooDoo Child was spinning on the 1s and 2s in between band sets. Finally, Joseph from Myrtle Beach, SC performed aerial acrobats. The entertainment for this pos picnic was something to enjoy. There was something different everywhere you looked, which is great to keep everyone engaged. Along with the entertainment, two self-stations were provided as well. These definitely kept the crowd engaged.

My Thoughts

This event is by far one of the most delightful events that I have attended in years. It was filled with eye-catching entertainment, decor and food. The best part of the event was seeing everyone’s table decor and food. Everyone had such elaborate setups and full-course meals. I know it must have been satisfying to make something out of nothing. Just think in the beginning you’re out on an open field and then all of a sudden it’s has been transformed into something from a Martha Stewart or Country Living Magazine. The attendees had to be proud of themselves for their decor because it was no simple feat. I can’t wait to attend next year’s Le Dîner En Blanc. I may have or may not have already registered for Le Dîner En Blanc in Columbia. Shhh! Don’t anyone lol!

Don’t forget to get on the waitlist for next year’s Le Dîner En Blanc as soon as you can!


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