Happy Planning!!!

It’s a new year and for me that means to planner time. New Planner…yay me! In the past I’ve been die-hard Lily Pulitzer fan. I have had at least three different Lily planners in the past year. I needed a medium for my teacher bag, I also needed a small one for my purse and I also needed the to-do planner. All of these planners served many different purposes. The medium sized planner was for work related tasks. Then small planner was for my personal life. Finally, I used the to-do planner just to make lists of anything I needed to do and/or buy. So, what planner am I into now? If you know anything about planning, you guessed it by the title of this post. I just got happy and purchased the one and only Happy Planner.

That’s right, people I’ve just joined the cult world of planning. The best feature about this planner is the fact that nothing is permanent. I can easily add and remove pages. I can add pockets, rules, sticker pages, and pencil pouches, etc., with only a few clicks. This planner is customizable and everything is interchangeable. It can be whatever you want it to be. This is exactly what I needed in my life, something that was flexible.

Currently, I have inserted budget pages into planner and a folder. I have also purchased tons of stickers. I mean, who wants to write in the planner anyway when there are stickers available. If you have not joined the planning cult yet, you are missing out. Literally I have purchased books of stickers, which equate to a couple thousand stickers. I have purchased productivity stickers for fitness and wellness. I have purchased budget stickers. I purchased teacher stickers. Everything you can think of there is a sticker for it and I literally bought them all. Stickers! Stickers! Stickers! You get a sticker! You get a sticker! Everyday gets a sticker!

Planning in my Happy Planner, literally makes me happy! With all the pretty stickers and colors, who wouldn’t want to plan in the Happy Planner? Since I’ve purchased this planner, when planning day comes I get a giddy feeling inside. Before I dreaded planning, but now I’m elated.


Do you plan? How do you plan? Where do you plan? When do you plan? What’s your method of planning? Do you like planning, why or why not?




Shanna C.


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