Carefree, Crazy, or Confident

Most people that know me think that I am carefree. Some people confuse that with crazy and others confuse it with confidence. I have once been described as hippie. Now, I don’t consider myself a drug-induced flower-child. However, I do consider myself free-spirited and not bound by the conventions of the modern day society. I kinda do my own thing. Want to learn how to do your own thing? Stick with me I gotcha!

I can remember walking into an event with legs and feet so ashy, they looked as if they were lightly dusting with fresh snow. I can also remember not caring how many people at that event saw me putting lotion on my legs and feet, unbothered. I walked around that room as if I looked perfect and I was nowhere near perfect. I can recall my BFC (Best Friend Cousin) saying that she couldn’t have done that. She said she would have been too embarrassed but I didn’t care.


So, how can you be more Confident…my advice would be to be carefree and crazy. When people see you living your life in your own bubble, they will automatically think that you have it going on. Or they will think that you are carefree or crazy. Either is fine with me! There also comes a time in your life where you can’t let what others think and say about you stress you out. The only things that matter is how you feel about yourself.Of course, we can’t do this always in life, but the more you can the more you will feel satisfied with yourself.

If you want to be confident, carefree and crazy is the way to go. Here are some things to try to help boost your confidence:

  1. Wear your favorite outfit


  1. Sing out loud in public as if you were alone


  1. Dance in public as if you were alone


  1. Just keep smiling (it works for me)


  1. Accept yourself and be you at all costs


Carefree, Crazy, and Confident,





Shanna C.





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