Fitness After Thirty

Fitness at any age is a challenge. Now that I am 33 years old, I find it very difficult to workout, eat healthy, work, and have a social life. Even with all of that going on, it doesn’t keep me from trying.

This year I have decided to try something new. I figured out a way to get myself started because I lacked the motivation to work out. The way I motivated myself to workout was money.

Instead of signing up for a gym membership, I paid for a class. I paid for a boxing class. The fact that I literally paid someone and had to meet with someone at a specific time, made me more committed to the class.

I started off easy at first. I met with my trainer every Monday and Wednesday for two months. This really helped me to get in the habit of going to the gym. So, now I am going to the gym three times a week by myself. I think signing up for the boxing class was the catalyst I needed to get to it.

Although I am on my own now, I try to incorporate things I learned from the trainer into my workout. If I can just get my eating together I would be on point.

How do you motivate yourself to workout? What’s your secret?


Shanna C.


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