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Not too long ago, I journeyed to Charlotte, North Carolina for a wonderful event. The event was hosted by @liaorganics. Lia Organic is a public speaker and an Atlanta PLANT based chef.  She believes in doing life naturally. The event featured an all vegan menu. There was a vegan salad mixture, vegan cookies, and most importantly vegan cheese. The vegan cheese was the best item on the menu. It was cheesy…just like cheese! LOL! I am not sure what it was made of but I would love to attempt to make it one day.



The older I get, the more I tend to reconsider what I put into my body. I have tried cleanses, diets, and fads. So, I am all over the place. The most important thing I learned from that day was “Don’t eat it if it doesn’t exist in nature. One day I would like to be a Vegan, but I know I am not there yet.


Are you Vegan? Are you Vegetarian? Are you Pescatarian? Are you going Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, etc?

I would love to hear your story,


Shanna C.


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