Artfields in a Nutshell

Living in small town, gets hard sometimes. You are always in desperate need of something to do or some place to go. During the last week of April, a nine-day art festival commences. One thing I love about small town living is a good festival and this festival is one of the most exciting ones that I have attended. It is called Artfields.

During this festival there is lots to see, lots to eat, lots to hear, and lots of people. People come from all over the southeast to attend this festival. One of the main reasons people attend is because of the wonderful art. Art can be submitted from all over the southeast. On the last night, there is over 100,000 dollars given away.

It seemed as if my little town transformed into a big metropolitan. The hustle and bustle of people making their way up and down the street was music to my ears. I met so many different kinds of people. I met artists, singers, poets, and art lovers. If you haven’t checked it out, next year you just might want to.

One of my favorite pieces of art this year was The Good of the Hive by Matt Wiley. His piece was about bringing awareness to the necessary survival of honeybees. He is committed to painting 50, 000 honey bees all of the country. This is his 14th honeybee piece. Just like the honeybee, it is necessary for us all to living an interdependent life. Without each we would dissipate. Communities of people need each to survive. We must think collectively, just like the honeybee.


For more background on Matt Willey and the honeybees click the link below.

Matt Willey


Shanna C.


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