Swimsuit Thangs

Two weeks ago, I was invited to a social gathering. At this social gathering was a pool and I had yet to purchase a swimsuit. i usually opt for a two-piece, but giving my current beach body I decided upon a one piece. In the end, I will probably go back and purchase a two piece just for ol’ times sake. I thought the one piece was going to be easy. I would be able to walk into Target, get it and get out in under fifteen minutes. WRONG!

I was so wrong! I stayed in Target for an hour and a half, trying on bathing suits. My first trip to the fitting room, I literally took fifteen swimsuits inside. I thought to myself if I carry fifteen swimsuits, I am bound to find one that fits. I was setting myself up for success. I knew out of those fifteen swimsuits at least two would fit and i would just have the dilemma of deciding between two  swimsuits. Out of all the FIFTEEN bathing suits, none fit. Ugh! I was feeling defeated, but nonetheless I was determined to buy a bathing suit.

One huge problem, I had was the girls. I am top heavy for my size. So, every time I tried on a one piece the bottom fit perfectly but the top was a different story. I look like a bag of Idaho potatoes up top and that is not flattering.  So, back to the drawing board. I went out of the fitting room and politely gave my ginormous pile of items to the fitting room attendant. She was slightly upset. I  made sure to be as nice as possible to her. Who would want to sort through all of that and put it back…not me.

On my way out of the fitting room, I said to myself, “Self, this is the last time we are doing this. You better make it count.” I walked towards to hundreds of swimsuits one more time with my head held high. I was not going to let this defeat me. By this time, I had already spent about 35-45 minutes in Target. Did I mention, this was my second trip to Target looking for a swimsuit?


This time I grabbed around ten swimsuits, with the help of a Target professional. I tried on numerous fits, colors, and sizes. Every top was either too tight or too small. I was tired of having “sack of potatoes” boobs. Finally, I got down to the last bathing suit in my arsenal. It was pink (my favorite color) and had cutouts on the side. It was my last hope. AND…she came through! I did not feel as if my chest was stuffed in there and the bottom wasn’t too big. It fit just right everywhere and plus she was pink.

I am happy to say that I found a bathing suit that fits, but I am still in the market for a two piece. This will give me options, because what girl doesn’t like options.


Although I don’t have a beach body nor do I have a body that’s considered mainstream, I still found a bathing suit that fits. It just took a long period of time, but I persevered. When your body doesn’t meet the norm, It can be hard to find the right fit. You may feel like your body isn’t good enough or it’s not right, but girl don’t let them fool ya.

Your body is right because it’s the one you’ve got.



Shanna C.


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