One Shirt Two Outfits

I love getting my dollars worth out of things I buy. It can be anything from shoes to furniture. If I find something that I am really fond of I will wear it out. I love to find articles of clothing that are interchangeable. When I can wear clothes more than once and wear them in more than one way, I am a happy camper.

The top in this photo is one of my favorite tops. I am not one for patterns, but I think this top is perfectly balanced. It has just the right amount of color and just right amount of flowers. It’s not busy at all. I despise a shirt or dress that’s too busy. In my opinion, a busy pattern makes clothing look cheap. I prefer a simple design.

I love repurposing clothes. I love this shirt in particular because I can dress it up and dress it down. You can wear this shirt with denim shorts, pink ankle pants, or a flow-y skirt (that will be my next outfit).


Outfit number one, I wore downtown to listen to live music. It was perfect for the extra warm weather we were having that evening. I believe it the heat index was over 100 degrees. So, the shorts were a nice touch. They were cute and they kept me cool, as cool as I could be in that type of heat.

The second outfit was worn to a surprise birthday party. Well it wasn’t really a party; it was more of a birthday gathering. We enjoyed dinner and while watching a movie. The second outfit made me feel light and airy. I felt as if I matched the day. I love the color pink in any shade. It is my favorite color. So, as you can guess I wear these pants a lot. Anything in the color pink, I am down for it. I wear pink lipstick all the time no matter no matter what season.

Let’s see if this shirt shows up again on my blog before fall. Lol. How do you repurpose your clothes? Do you feel as a blogger you can only wear something once because it’s photographed?




Shanna C.


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