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On a day-to-day basis, I am constantly asked how do I get my hair like this. First things, first…my hair is like because of God. I thank God everyday for everything that he has blessed me with. To help assist and enhance my natural curls, I use Kinky Curly hair products. These products are all natural free of parabens and sulfates. I have tried many products throughout my natural hair journey, however I have always remained loyal to Kinky Curly.


One of the best leave-in conditioners for natural hair comes from this line.  It’s called Knot Today. There are times when I have tried other conditioners and had to leave the alone. They did not do my hair right like Knot Today. They become back up conditioners from whenever I run out of the Knot Today. This conditioner provides incredible slip and melts my knots with the quickness. There are times when I let Knot Today sit in my hair for an hour or all night. Let me tell you, when I take that shower cap off my hair feels like butter. Then the tangles seem to slip right out.


My favorite hair gel also comes from this line. It is called Curling Custard. My hair loves this stuff. It clumps my hair together so nicely and make my curls pop.  Everyone wants to have poppin curls right? Then only draw back about this gel is sometimes it can be very sticky and gummy. That is only a slight problem for me because my wash n gos are a ten.  Another plus about this custard is its smell. It smells like paradise in a jar. Sometimes, I almost want to taste it because it smells so good, but I digress.

This line also comes with a curl refresher, for those times in between washes. The Spiral Spritz holds true to its name. It provides amazing hold for my curls without the gel cast. Although, I haven’t purchased this product in awhile I would purchase it again.


Last but not least is the shampoo (Come Clean). I can say that this product does what it implies. He really cleans your hair. If you have a lot of build up, I would recommend this shampoo because after one wash with this shampoo, your hair will really come clean. This shampoo has a really nice lather to it and a little goes a long way.


The Routine:


Routine A:


The first routine is called the lazy girl method. This is where I complete everything in the shower. I always start off with my hair in four to six twists. I complete the entire process with my hair sectioned in those four or six twists.


I wash my once with the Come Clean Shampoo. The next step is to apply the conditioner. I apply the conditioner thoroughly to my hair. I also run a little water over my hair to make sure that it is fully saturated and the product is evenly distributed (too much water will rinse the product out of you hair, so be careful).


The final step in this process is it to take handfuls of the Curling Custard and rake it through my hair. The key to the process is to make sure that both the conditioner and the gel and thoroughly distributed through the hair.


When I get out of the shower water, gel, and conditioner are running everywhere. This is how it should be. I take my hair and gently squeeze the excess of the sink. I also take a handful of paper towels and gently dry up excess. After this process is completed, I will let my hair air dry which will take about 24 hours. While my hair is drying I DON’T TOUCH MY HAIR. I wait until it is completely dry until play in it. It is just like back in the day when we used to get roller sets. If you touch it before it’s dry, you would have to throw the whole roller set away. Same rules apply with your wash and go.

Routine B:


The second routine is similar to the first.  The only difference is that I complete everything outside of the shower and fake the wash and go.  After washing my hair in the shower, I apply the leave in conditioner and let it air dry. By doing this, I save a lot time because it takes about thirty minutes for my hair to air dry without the product saturation.


After my hair is about 80% percent dry, I complete the wash n go. I go twist by twist and create sub-sections and apply a light misting of water. After spritzing with water, I rake the curling custard through each section one at the time.


This routine is perfect those that don’t have a lot of time. I achieve the same wash and go look and style, but in a fourth of the time.



What’s your go to natural hairstyle?


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