Atlanta Weekend Recap

This past Memorial Day Weekend, I spent my time in the “A.” That’s right I visited my old stomping grounds. A place I used to call home. Boy did I miss this place. I missed it a great deal. Even though I’m a country girl, I do love the rush and excitement of the big city. There’s always something on every corner. For example, this past weekend in Atlanta there was a Caribbean and a Jazz Festival going on. Now, I didn’t get the chance to enjoy those events. I did do other things.


If you’re in Midtown and looking for the perfect atmosphere, I would recommend going to Barcelona. Barcelona offers Spanish cuisine, that comes out in the form of shareable plates. This restaurant is beautiful and there always seems to a be crowd, but the wait is never long. There’s outside seating and on a war, summer night it’s perfect. The candles are lite on the tables, giving it a sexy ambiance. It’s nice for a date or just hanging out with friends. The music is just right as well. They play popular hits from every genre and every year. Barcelona is a sexy dining spot with rustic glam feel. I would recommend that everyone visit at least once if you’re in the Midtown area.

Char Korean Bar & Grill

While in Atlanta, I found myself near Inman Park feeling some hunger and around this area there are a lot restaurants. The selection is huge and widespread. You could get anything from donuts to sushi, but we settled on Korean Bar-be-que. Imagine walking around on Saturday around 2 o’clock and being delightfully attacked by a harmonious voice. When I heard the live music, I knew I was going to eat at Char. If you’ve been following me long enough or know me personally, you know that I love live music. Now the crazy thing about this dining event, was the food I ate. So I’m at a Korean Bar-be-que restaurant, wouldn’t you expect me to eat Korean Bar-be-que. Well I didn’t! I had French toast and street corn lol.

French toast and street corn, odd right? Well I didn’t care how odd it was because the food was delicious. It was so good y’all. The Korean French Toast was superb. It was soft and fluffy. The consistency reminded me of cake, it was thick, soft, and fluffy all at the same time. It was served with a fruit compote, maple syrup, and assorted fruit. Although my choice was odd, I was totally satisfied. It was also vegan which is a plus for anyone who is vegan.

Now, the Korean Street Corn was the best street corn I have ever had. Instead being served on the cob like normal street corn, it was served in a mini skillet. The street corn came out sizzling and smoking, I knew it wouldn’t disappoint. The smell danced around me as I unfolded my napkin to get to my fork. I could barely wait. The street corn made with spicy aioli, cotija, scallions, chili, and pepper. This was the most flavorful street corn I had ever tasted. Usually the street corn is kind of warm and cold because of the topping. I never really liked that, but I feel this street was just right. It was hot and flavorful. I would recommend anyone try it just once. It was also vegan and gluten free.

The decor of the restaurant offered a great contrast. The walls were adorned with a bright mural that had various hues. The yellow stood out the most. Then there was what seemed to be a chalk wall with various things a consumer might need to know on it. My favorite “Yes! We do have WiFi, you just have to check first.” I thought that was cute and innovative. I enjoyed the deep hues, the bright mural, and things you need to know wall. It was like eye candy. , my eyes darted around the restaurant numerous times, to see all I could see.

If you’re ever in and around Inman Park check out Char Korean Bar & Grill.

Last but not least dessert!

We finished off brunch with some delicious Gelato at Voga. There were various flavors. The offered standard flavors like vanilla. Then they offered usual flavors like Pinocchio. I really enjoy sitting in this quaint gelato shop and enjoying my scoop of strawberry gelato.

So, there you have it! Three places that you may or may not have heard of, go check them out! If you’ve been or plan to go, let me know your thoughts!


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