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This year’s fashion week was a bittersweet string of events. After almost a decade founder/director Alicia Zeigler, is passing the torch. In the years to follow Allie B will be the new lead and go to for everything fashion in Columbia, SC. I am sure Alicia will be missed, but I am also sure that Allie B. will do a wonderful job. Alicia will be moving to North Carolina to head Concord’s Fashion Week and I know it will be stellar. Although Cola Fashion Week is losing Alicia, it is gaining a gem with Allie B. She has been with Alicia for years, helping to cultivate Columbia’s Fashion Week and make it was it is today. I can’t wait to see what next year’s fashion week with hold. I am sure everyone is excited and sad all the same time, but I am sure these women will do great things in the future.

As a first time attendee, I was blown away by the events throughout the week. If you missed out, don’t worry, I got you covered with the deets.  As a blogger, I was able to attend as many events that I could handle. I attempted to attend every event that I could, but when you live an hour away it makes things difficult. So, I was made it to three events. I picked events on every single day. This way it felt as if I immersed in Columbia’s Fashion Week, from beginning to end. The three events I attended were Pressed, The Beautiful People Party, and The Grand Finale (The Adult Fashion Show). Each event was a complete and utter delight. 

Let’s talk Hashtag Pressed! On a beautiful Wednesday night all the bloggers and media got together at Styled by Naida. Styled by Naida was the perfect venue. The boutique was in a unique space and it offered a lot of unique pieces. I got the chance to make new friends and have great conversations. Everyone was dressed to a tee. Rikki Imani wore one of my favorite outfits of the night you can find her on Youtube and Instagram. She wore a fuchsia pantsuit. If you don’t know, pink is my favorite color! If it wouldn’t be strange, I would wear pink all day, everyday. They also offered drinks in pretty wine glasses adorned with Styled By Naida. Side Note: You all should visit Styled by Naida because she has Stuff a Bag for $25 sales weekly!

On Friday night, I attended The Beautiful People Party. Although there were only 25 nominees, everyone there was a beautiful person. We all could have been nominated. This was my favorite event of the week! This event was held at Lula’s Wine Parlor in downtown Columbia. At this event, I met and talk to some very sweet people. I was excited to connect with them and make lifelong friends. The music at the event was bumping and the DJ kept the hits coming from all decades. I was able to get my groove on and everything. I was apart of a makeshift-dancing duo with Angela Grace (Make Up Artist) that no one could top. Lol! I’m kidding! This party was my favorite event because I was able to mingle with all types of people. At this event, there were bloggers, models, beautiful people, etc. Listed below are some of the beautiful people that attended the party. Clicked their Instagram profile below and follow them. 



Finally, the big Finale! On Saturday, the great runway show commenced. The Adult Fashion Show had more than 3 sets with over 10 designers. There was everything from department stores to boutique owners. My favorites included Styled by Ursula, RaQuel Kristen (, and Nordstrom Rack. By the way, RaQuel Kristen’s swimwear line is to die for! The runway event was emceed by some of Columbia’s favorites Fraendy Clervaud and Janet Parker. They did an awesome job of emceeing the event. They brought a comedic delight to the event.

The event was full of high energy. The runway music was also high energy. A lot of the songs were off of the Beyoncé Homecoming album. I would say that event went off without a hitch. I was able to hone in on the latest fashion trends and enjoy myself at the same time.  The all white collection from Nordstrom’s had me ready to buy all white everything this summer.

This was my first time at a Fashion Week ever in my life. I am glad to say I chose Columbia’s Fashion Week to get my toes wet. I can’t wait to fully dive in with more Fashion Weeks in different cities and states. Where or what fashion week should I go to next? Comment below!


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