My New Fav Pink Lipstick-Glitter Goals!!!

So, lately I’ve been wearing one lipstick and one lipstick only. I can’t help it, once I find something I like, I use until I can’t use it anymore. Story of my life, LOL! For example, when I was little I only ate French fries from McDonalds. Every time I was asked what I wanted to eat, I would always respond French fries. I was obsessed with them and I’m still obsessed with fries (but I had to cut back on fries because they aren’t that healthy). That’s another story for another time.

Let’s get back to the real reason I am here. NYX Glitter Goals-Reflector. This is why I am here! My favorite liquid lipstick! I considered us best friends. Since we’re best frans, you know that pink is my favorite color. So, when I stumbled across this pink shimmery lippie, I went cray. I don’t consider myself a girlie girl, but I would live in my life in pink everything, if I could. Pink hair, pink lips, pink clothes, pink everything. I love pink.

So back, to this lippie! The color is a vibrant hot pink or fuchsia color called Reflector. To add to the WOW effect, it has a very fine glitter mixed in to add to your glitter goals. Hence the name glitter goals.

Every time I go out and wear this lippie, I get so many compliments. I also receive so many questions. One thing I love about this lippie is the formula. It is a liquid lipstick and glides on smoothly. One application should suffice, but I’m over the top with this lippie. I apply one coat, let it dry and repeat this 2-3 times. This gives it the full effect of glitter goals. I love it so much, I think it’s going to be my color for every season, even fall. I have already purchased this lippie twice. LOL!

The price point for the liquid gold is 7.99. So splurge and buy three tubes of this stuff because it is pure gold. Try out other shades and let me know if you like it.


Shanna C.

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