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As of late (the past couple of months), my hair has been feeling dreadfully dry. I was neglecting her because detangling and washday are so tiresome. Truth be told I am a lazy natural. If you aren’t natural and you’re thinking about going natural, I’m not going to lie it’s a difficult undertaking. A side from that I love my natural hair.  I knew I had been neglecting her (my natural hair) and it was time to do something different. So, when I saw MsVaungtv using Crème of Nature’s Plex system, I knew u had to give it a try.

I have been using the Plex system close to two months. For me that equates to about 3 wash days. I’m still not on a definite washday schedule. I wash my hair when I feel up to it and that’s whenever. It could once a week, every two weeks, or even once every three weeks. I know I have to get better lol, one day I will! With being said, The Plex System consists of three steps. That’s it, not too complicated right!


Step One Bond Mender

Step Two: Restoring Shampoo

Step Three: Restoring Conditioner

Now the Crème of Nature Plex line claims to work all kinds of miracles, for natural and relaxed hair. All three products claim to reinforce and protect hair bonds. The first step called theBond Mendersome people claim it to be comparable to Olaplex. I think this is what Crème of Nature was going for, especially when you get into mending hair bonds. It states that the bond mender would reduce breakage and strengthen weak bonds. The second step in the process is theRestoring Shampoo. This product is supposed to remove product build up, moisturize, and nourish the hair. The third and final step is called the Restoring Conditioner. The Restoring Conditioner is supposed to moisturize and improve the appearance of the hair. All in all this 3-step system claims to revitalize the hair.

My thoughts on The Crème of Nature Plex System:

The Plex System is a great product line for those who feel the hair isn’t quite where it needs to be. It is great for any type of damaged hair (color, heat, and/or any of type of damage). Immediately after the first use, I notice a huge difference in my hair. My hair was soft, shiny, and springy. She was snapping back! My curls bounced back like they did before all the color and heat damage. My hair hadn’t felt that way in about two years. I am not sure about the science behind mending hair bonds, but I could tell there was something different about my hair. My curls were popping. Let’s take the review step-by-step.


In Depth Review:

Step One: Bend Mender – this is my favorite step of the three-step process. The first thing you do is completely saturate your hair with the bond mender. This can be applied to dry or damp hair. Immediately when I put this clear jelly-like substance on my hair, I was impressed. My hair completely melted in my hands. Whatever fairy-knots and matted bird nests I had in my hair slipped right out. After neglected my hair for some weeks, I was afraid to detangle. Detangling now is a breeze. Even though, this is not a detangler, it started the process. I was able to run my fingers through my hair with this product alone. You can treat this step like a pre-poo. Once your hair is saturated, leave it in for ten minutes and then rinse. On another note, this product only lasted two and a half washes for me. Good thing it only cost about $8.00.


Step Two: Restoring Shampoo – The restoring shampoo is another great addition to this line. It smells very nice. It is filled with slip and suds. The shampoo felt as if it added moisture to my hair. While shampooing my hair, it felt very soft. A little went a very long way.  So, this shampoo will last a long time. The price point is great as while only about $8.00.


Step Three: Restoring Conditioner – As far as a conditioner goes, this was my least favorite product out the entire line. That’s not to say that it did not get the job done. This conditioner did not have as much slip as the shampoo, but it was still a good product. The only problem I had with this product was getting it out of the bottle. Don’t even bother trying to squeeze the conditioner out of the bottle, I recommend taking the cap of and bamming it against your hand. It will get messy and slippery, but you got it girl. The smart thing to do is to transfer it to a jar. This way you can dip your hand in grab handfuls at will.

Overall, I love this entire line and the fact that you can get everything for under $30.00 is amazing. The only downfall is finding it in stores. Right now, the only store that sells this line is Sally’s Beauty and they rarely have all three products at one time. So, I would recommend buying it online.



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