A Stage Play-My Husband’s Woman

At the end of October I was invited to attend a play. The title of the play was My Husband’s Woman. They played starred two well-known figures, Reginal Ballard (Bruh-man from the sitcom Martin) and Lunden De’Leon (who you might recognize from We are the Millers). One thing that was very special about this play is De’Leon was raised in South Carolina. South Carolina in the house!The stage play was performed at The University of South Carolina of Sumter, South Carolina. The play was written, directed, and produced by a husband and wife duo; Danny and Dee Dee M. Scott.

My husband’s Wife was about your typical two-timing; I’m going to leave my wife, but never does man. Some ladies have been in the situation and know how ugly and messy it can get. Boy! Did it get ugly and messy in this stage play! Imagine your husband (who you think is at work) is at his girlfriend’s house. Then when you suspicious and confronts him, he tries to make you seem delusional. This all happens in the stage play My Husband’s Woman. There is even an unexpected plot twist, but you will have to check out the play for that piece of information.

Throughout the play I thought the acting was great. You could tell that the actors and actresses were not amateurs. My favorite character was the maid. She had very few lines, but she played an important role. She added much needed comic relief to the play. Her facial expressions were big and true. It made for great bouts of laughter throughout the audience. Don’t get me wrong all of the actors and actresses were great beyond measure, she was just my favorite.

When it came to the set design, lighting, and costume everything was fine. On stage there were three settings. The was the girlfriend’s living room, the husband and wife’s living room, and the husband’s office. The areas were distinct and the flow from one setting to next was fluid. There was only one problem and I think the audience would agree. During the first forty-five minutes of the play, it was difficult to hear certain actors and actresses. The microphone and/or sound system was giving heavy and terrible feedback. In some cases, I had to use my context clues to figure out what was being said. They eventually got the microphone situation resolved and the play was well executed to the finale.

Overall, I would recommend this play to others. It would be great for a date night, maybe after dinner. It would also be great for a girls’ night out. This play is definitely entertaining and will keep you guessing about next moves. I would give this play two thumbs up. If it is in your area, check it out!



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