Pink Slip Dress and 35 Years Old


This past March I turned 35. Wow! I am 35 years old. This year thanks to Covid-19, I wasn’t able to celebrate. Lucky for me, I was able to attend a birthday dinner for a friend with some friends. The birthday dinner took place a week before my birthday and I was given a happy birthday shout out! So technically it was my birthday party too, right! It was a beautiful night for a Pisces. Celebrity Chef TashaMac (Hell’s Kitchen Winner Season 13) served a full four course delicious meal. The first course was a sweet kale salad with poached pear followed by stuffed shrimp with a grit cake (the grit was amazing). Secondly we were served and a delightful chicken breast with mashed potatoes and green beans. Finally, time for dessert. Fried rum pound cake top with whip cream and peaches graced the table. It was fine dining at it’s best and a good time.


Let’s Talk about what I wore…


Early that morning I got the urge to drive to the beach to find something because as women we never have anything to wear.  I wanted to find a slip dress to wear. I am not sure why I wanted one, but I have always wanted one. To my surprise, Express had a number of slip dresses in many variations and colors. The moment I set eyes on this pink number, my mind was made up. My favorite color is this exact shade of pink…in case you didn’t know! 

A classic slip dress with a satin finish offers a timeless look. A look that will and has withstood the passing of time. The thin and satin finish gives it a graceful and femine feel. If you want those feelings, I would suggest buying this dress. Adding the pink color on top of the fact that it is a slip dress with a satin finish…makes this dress a walking billboard for femininity.

This dress was paired with a nude pointy-toe wedge pump. Which complimented the femininity of the outfit. A pointy-toe always adds an air of feminine grace.

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