3 Habits I’ve picked Since the Pandemic

Have you returned to the office yet? Are you still working from home? Well, I have returned to work and it’s very different compared to before. There are stipulations surrounding everything! I find myself self-isolated out of habit. I don’t even think about it! You know when some people switch sides on the sidewalk when they see a certain type of person walking towards them? I find myself doing that lol, but in my case it’s if anyone starts to walk in my general direction. Listed below are some random things, I have started to do consciously or subconsciously because of COVID-19.

  1. Self-Isolating: When I am out an about I find myself purposely switching aisles and sidewalks to avoid people. Sometimes, if I see too many people in an area that I want to go in…I just say forget it and leave. Too many people can range from 1-1,000 ha-ha!
  1. Backing Up:  Yes backing up! I will back up on you in heartbeat. Lol! Please refrain from getting close to me in these times. I don’t think people understand the severity of the pandemic and I don’t think they care either. Aside from the pandemic, people already don’t know how to respect your personal space. As they talk to you, they seem to get closer and closer. It’s as if they want to breathe on you! When people walk up on me, I am constantly backing up because Sir, Ma’am you are too close. Back Back Back Back Give Fifty Feet! Lol! Y’all remember that song? I remember on two separate occasions, I started to sprint from people because they were trying to hug me. No, no, and no! What is wrong with y’all?
  1. Being More Outspoken: Yes, I am so much more outspoken! I am quick to say, “Sir! Ma’am! You are too close.” I am also quick to say, “Excuse me…Corona.” I am telling you it’s like I am the only one trying to take preventive measures. “Rona in these streets,” that’s my favorite to say or slightly yell!

What habits have you guys picked up?


Shanna C.

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