Single During Quarantine: What to do about it?

This year has been pretty difficult for some people because of everything that has been happening.  I won’t go into grave detail about 2020 because unless you live under a rock, you can’t help but see what’s been happening. We aren’t going to focus on what’s been happening, we are going to focus on how you are doing at the moment. I know that for some of my single friends like me, being cooped up in the house all this time has been hard. We’ve watched all of Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. We’ve worn all of our leggings. We haven’t put on a real outfit in weeks, maybe months. Maybe we’ve gained a little quarantine fifteen, but guess what? It’s okay!  We are going to make it!

It’s tough being single, moving as one through the world normally, but now we have to do it in the wake of Covid-19. Social distancing 101 stay home, don’t interact with anyone and back back gimme 50 feet.

As a single person, this is messing me up! I am not sure about y’all, but who am I going to talk to, who am I going to meet? How am I going to meet someone (boyfriend and/or friends)? Hard right? It is okay because listed below is some quarantine activities to keep us single people sane


1. Video Calling

This is the best way to not feel alone. You can Facetime, Google video, and Zoom your friends and family. This year alone I went to two birthday parties and a baby shower through Zoom and Facetime. These were some of the best parties I had ever gone to for many reasons. I didn’t have to drive to get to these parties and I didn’t have to help clean up afterwards. Lol, best party ever! You could even host your own party via Facetime, Google, and/or Zoom.

2. Regular Calling

Another way to not feel alone during Quarantine is to just talk to someone. Call up a friend or family member and chit chat into the wee hours of the night. I miss talking on the phone and thanks to quarantine I have gotten to relive my high school days, when all you could do was call each other. To make it even better, have a three-way call. Y’all remember those? Yes it still can be done. Just set up a conference line and have a call with ten people. Talking on the phone reminds me of the 90’s and I’m here for it.

3. Journaling

Journaling is a great exercise that will keep you sane. There is some much you can do with a journal nowadays instead just writing. Journaling has almost become the new scrapbooking.  Journaling helps me when I am having a hard day and it is also just something fun and relaxing to do. You can glue stuff into your journal, you can stamp inside your journal and/or draw inside your journal. The possibilities are endless. If you don’t know where to start, I would say go to Pinterest.

4. Read a Book

An easy way to escape what‘s going on in the world is to read a book. I love getting caught up in a book that takes me on an adventure. I love imagining myself as the main character in a Fiction book and living my life vicariously through that character. Every now and then I will read a Non-Fiction book to garner information, but my favorite books are those that take me away.

5. Revisit an old Hobby or start a new Hobby

Now is the perfect time to pick up an old hobby (a hobby that you may have put down for a while because of life). Now that things are a little slow, take time for yourself and do something that you would enjoy. Write that book, paint that picture, write that song, and pick up that camera. Do anything you want. The possibilities are endless as to what you can do!

These are some the things that will keep us single people sane during quarantine!!! What have you been doing to keep your sanity during quarantine?



Shanna C.

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