My Summer Go To Dinner (For One)!

My favorite dinner for Summer is one that is light, healthy and filling! It’s easy to do and takes about thirty minutes. Before we get started let’s get one thing straight, I am no chef ! Lol, but I can cook! One thing I hate as a single person is a lot of dirty dishes, pots and pans. When cooking for one you don’t want to have to clean for three hours after eating. So for this dinner we are only using one pot, one pan, and a throw away aluminum pan. That’s not too much right? Maybe we will only use one pot and/or pan, who knows?

So let’s start with out protein. I love the taste of Salmon and I love that it’s done in under ten minutes. If you have been cooking your salmon for longer than ten minutes…toss it in the trash please. Lol! In my opinion wild caught salmon is the best and I love to keep the skin on. Salmon is best pan-seared three minutes on each side. Start with the skin side down. I season my salmon with salt, pepper, lemon pepper, Lawry’s, and Old Bay. Ya know, something basic. We will jazz it up with the sauce. I either make one or two sauces for my pan-seared salmon.

  • First Sauce-is combination of butter, lemon juice, and lemon pepper ( I add a little flour to thicken)
  • Second Sauce- Honey, soy sauce, brown sugar, and red pepper flakes (flour to thicken).

Remember to start with the salmon skin-side down to make it crispy. Crispy skin is my fav! If you want to be fancy you can add it to the top like garnish. Then you can charge yourself an expensive amount for dinner. Lol! As I’m cooking the salmon 3 minutes on each side, I take my sauce and brush it over each side. I save some for the end to pour over as I am plating.

The next component of my easy Summer Go To Dinner is the veggies. I love to serve salmon with roasted green beans. I love roasted green beans. For a while there, I substituted my beloved French Fries for roasted green beans. They were crunchy and seasoned just like a green French Fry. Make sure you get fresh green beans from the produced section, not canned or frozen. This part of the dish is so easy. You basically have nothing to do.

I lightly toss the green beans in olive oil whatever seasons my ancestors tell me to use lol. I use whatever I get my hands on first. Shake some salt, pepper, Lawry’s, garlic powder, onion powder, parsley, oregano…whatever you have in your cabinet. Be carefully with salt! Make sure each green bean is even coated with seasoning and oil. Spread them out on to a aluminum baking sheet (throw away!!!). Cook them for about 20-30 minutes. Checking half-way in between to make sure they aren’t over cooked or under cooked. I like them to be cooked like my pasta a little more than aldente.

There ya have it, a quick, easy and fulfilling meal for one in under 30 minutes and clean up is a breeze. Hey if you want a starch you add roasted red potatoes to your green beans or you can make a quick mashed potato using red potatoes or whatever potato you like.

What are your go to summer dishes? Are you cooking for one or multiples? Do you want more quick and easy dinners? Comment Below!!!


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